Product Safety FAQ’s

Fiber-Seal Product Safety and the Environment

Thank you for your interest in Fiber-Seal. For more than 45 years the Fiber-Seal System has helped our clients enjoy their interiors with customized protection products and our famous no-charge service. We consider product safety a top priority, so we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to assure you that using Fiber-Seal products on your furnishings is a worry-free experience.

Q. Are your Fiber-Seal protective treatments safe for use in my home?

A. All of our products meet current federal and state air quality requirements and current industry standards. Our products are safely being used in hotels, hospitals, office buildings and private homes.

Q. Do your treatment products have a scent and how long does it last?

A. Our product application might be compared to painting your walls. The carrier of the active ingredients evaporated, leaving only the inert protective material behind. Fiber-Seal protection products work in much the same way...the carrier evaporates, leaving only the protection on the fibers. However, Fiber-Seal products dry more quickly and have fewer odors than paint.

Q. Do your products contain formaldehyde?

A. No. Fiber-Seal products have never contained formaldehyde.

Q.  I am always worried about spray applications in my home. How is your product applied?

A. Our narrow-focus sprayers apply a light mist, which limits airborne particles. There is no fog or haze effect and any mist disperses very quickly.

Q. My family has allergies. How will Fiber-Seal affect them?

A. First, you should know that Fiber-Seal products are completely inert once dried on the fiber, so this should eliminate "contact" worries. Of course, reactions to all products differ from person to person so we do suggest that if your family has sensitivities, they should not be in the room (or perhaps house) during the application process as a general precaution However, after 4-5 hours, any vapors should be gone and the room can be used normally.

Q. I have heard that other protective treatments have been taken off the market. How does that affect Fiber-Seal?

A. It really has had no impact. The old version of Scotchgard was removed from the market and eventually reformulated because of potentially harmful ingredients called PFOS. Fiber-Seal products do not contain PFOS.